Scheana Marie- Why I Chose Tom’s Side


Last night on Vanderpump Rules the aftermath of the fight that went down at Scheana Marie’s birthday party was heavy on the drama. Scheana has taken to her blog to express that she is on Tom Sandoval’s side, not Kristen Doute’s- and why.

Scheana writes, “After spending the night in the hospital waiting for stitches I was beyond pissed off at EVERYONE who was involved in the fight. Tom sent me a very long heartfelt video apologizing for everything that went down meanwhile Kristen was unapologetic.”

She continued, detailing that, “So yes obviously I chose Tom’s side because he was sooooooo sorry and it was such a heartfelt and true apology. I apologize for calling him a super pussy. That was mean of me to say and I shouldn’t have. He felt terrible and was extremely genuine in his apology.”

Interesting. Tell us- do you agree with Scheana? Why or why not?