Andy Cohen- Teresa and Joe Were In Denial Or Un-Introspective… or Both!

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In his new book The Andy Cohen Diaries, Andy Cohen dishes on Teresa and Joe Giudice and the interview they had right after 39 federal counts had been brought against them. What did Andy think of them that day?

He writes, “…it was like pulling teeth. They are either very un-introspective or in complete denial. Or both.”

He continues, “Another challenging layers was that their lawyers were there and didn’t want them revealing certain details. I said, ‘So… you guys are facing fifty years in prison?’ and they were like, ‘Is it fifty years? We thought it was a hundred. Is it fifty years both or just one or…?’ And I said, ‘Is it a hundred?’ And they said, ‘I think it’s a hundred.’ So that’s something they are going to want to clarify with their attorneys.”

Interesting! What do you think about Andy’s thoughts on them? Do you agree? Let us know!