Amber Marchese- I Am Getting Fed Up With People Saying Jim Disrespects Women


Real Housewife of New Jersey Amber Marchese is getting fed up with all of the talk surrounding her husband Jim and how he speaks to women. She took to her final Bravo blog of the season to address this.

Amber writes, “I am getting fed up with people saying Jim is disrespectful to women. Not one of the men sitting up on that stage has any right to cast stones, when they have a history of being disrespectful to women and men, and even in some cases their significant others. I am not getting into specifics. Jim has never treated me as anything but as a lady, with respect and dignity.”

She continued, stating; “The only two women that he said anything negative to have repeatedly said nasty, vulgar, and disrespectful things to him. And even then, he did not call them whores, c—-, bitches, or anything of that nature. What is he supposed to do? Take it, because it comes from a woman? Do we live in the Stone Age here people? Dina made nasty, potty mouthed comments to him without him even saying one word to her. Dina thinks she has that ‘bitch face’ down pat, but the only thing she looks like is miserable curmudgeon. Bobby came at me pretty hard; you don’t see me whipping out my woman card. I wouldn’t respect him if he treated me like a little old weak woman who can’t take it when I give it! I commend Bobby for saying what he wanted to say to me and not treating me like a frail daisy.”

We have personally hung out with Jim and have never seen him treat Amber with anything but respect, so we would definitely agree with what she’s saying.

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