Cynthia Bailey- How Kenya and I Became Close


Real Housewife of Atlanta Cynthia Bailey has taken to her blog to open up about numerous things, one being on how she became close with cast ate Kenya Moore. How did this happen?

Cynthia writes, “When for the first time ever in the history of our show the reunion turned physically violent, I was embarrassed and mortified. Watching a grown woman be pulled from her seat by her hair by another grown woman and dragged across the floor was a wakeup call. This was way more than what I signed up for. So imagine my surprise when all my cast mates ran to the aid of the person who initiated the physical assault. It really disturbed me that no one seemed concerned about Kenya. I felt that the only humane thing to do was to go check on Kenya, since initially no one else did. After leaving Porsha’s side, Kandi also stopped by to make sure Kenya was OK.”

Cynthia continues, stating, “Long story short, this chaotic turn of events was the catalyst that brought me and Kenya together. Let me take you back for a minute. When Kenya first joined the group, we bumped heads at my JET Beauty of the Week casting. Remember Coochie Crack? She came and showed out but eventually apologized to me. A couple of times actually! That was our one and only blow up, and we have been fine ever since. We were never tight, but we never had any more issues. I treated her the same as the other girls, but was only close to NeNe. After my fallout with NeNe, I wasn’t interested in being super tight with any of the ladies. I felt it would be better to just “be cool” with everybody going forward, and not have a bestie. Kenya and I did not start our friendship right after the reunion, but we did keep in touch mostly via text. Our friendship has grown organically over time.”

We adore both of these women and see glad to see them as friends.

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