Stephen Collins Suing Wife


Last month, tapes from therapy sessions with his estranged wife leaked on TMZ in which actor Stephen Collins admitted to inappropriate sexual conduct with three underage girls in the past. Now, Stephen is claiming he plans to sue his wife. Why?

According to reports, Stephen doesn’t feel like his wife had a right to tape he conversations. He cites the tapes as the reason he can’t find work and wants to be compensated.

California law apparently will protect and side with his wife, as you can legally record something there without someone knowing as long as it’s to gather evidence showing the other person committed a crime.

Sorry, but we can’t help but comment. Stephen is an idiot. Whether these tapes leaked or not he clearly needs help. He should be thankful he’s not getting locked up for what he did. In addition, we’d never hire someone who molested children either. Does he really think a television or film producer would think that’s a good idea? And his wife should compensate him for this fact? It’s delusional.

That’s our two cents. Let us know what you think.