Gretchen Rossi- Individuals and Blogs Using Slade’s Son’s Illness To Make Us Look Bad Are Disgusting

gretchen-rossi-300Recently, some blogs started promoting a story claiming that former Real Housewife of Orange County Gretchen Rossi and her fiancé, Slade Smiley, chose celebrating Gretchen’s birthday over being by Slade’s son, Grayson’s, hospital bedside. Grayson has long been battling issues pertaining to a brain tumor. Gretchen has now spoken exclusively to Radar Online to take on these rumors and put them to rest. What did Gretchen say? 

Gretchen tells Radar, “Michelle (Grayson’s Mother) made a Facebook post on Saturday, November 1, for everyone to see that Grayson went into the hospital. She did not even notify Slade about it and he had to find out through a third source, which personally I think is wrong. When he called Michelle to find out what was going on she said because of Grayson’s compromised immune system they admitted him to the hospital, but that he was fine and was released from the hospital.”

Gretchen continued, “The individuals and blogs who continue to use his son’s illness to promote false information in order to try to make us look bad or claim that Slade doesn’t care about his son are disgusting. Obviously they are just trying to drive traffic to their websites. Slade loves Grayson very much and just so it’s clear he would ALWAYS choose to be with his son over anything else — unfortunately he is not always given that choice.”

We appreciate Gretchen’s honesty and her being upfront in taking on these rumors.

EDIT: We reached out to Gretchen and she clarified that her party was Thursday, October 30th, which was NOT the night that Grayson entered the hospital.