Michael Patrick King- There’s A Chance For More Sex and The City

Call us HUGE fans of this news. Sex and The City director, writer, and executive producer Michael Patrick King has talked about the show and said that it MAY RETURN TO TELEVISION! Want details? 

On the show returning, he said, “With the new streaming service, all bets are off. There’s a chance, but I have no idea what the streaming world will be like. Look, television’s like the Wild West now. People are shooting guns off like, ‘Pop! Pop! Pop! I’m on the Planter’s Peanut channel!’ It’s so crazy how many different ways you can play this game.”

He continued, detailing Sex and The City, stating that “as far as Sex and the City goes, the mere fact that it is still so alive, and not just on the gym TV’s, not just on the Precor, but that people are still wondering about these girls, you never know. It could come back at some point. All bets are off.”

We TRULY hope this happens. Sex and The City is one of our favorite shows of all time and this would make us thrilled.

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