NYPD To Continue Investigating Stephen Collins


The New York Police Department is nowhere near done investigating actor Stephen Collins, who openly admitted on a leaked audio tape that he had molested underage girls. While the police have dealt with all three of those girls- who were victims of Collins’s over 10 years ago- they are not closing the case. Why not? 

According to TMZ, the NYPD plans to keep investigating the case in the chance that there were any additional victims. They are currently pursuing any leads they get and do not plan to close the case.

We are glad the NYPD is taking this so seriously.

Recently, Collins announced that he is planning on suing his wife for lost wages, since he cannot find a job since the audio tape has been leaked. Collins clearly thinks she leaked the tape.

We do not feel bad saying this, but we absolutely do NOT feel sympathetic for Collins in the least.

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