Claudia Jordan- I Was Pleased Apollo Asked To Speak To Kenya


Newest Real Housewife of Atlanta Claudia Jordan- who we are most excited about getting to know more- talked to this week for a brief interview. In the interview, she discussed her feelings on Apollo showing up to Cynthia’s event. What did she have to say? 

Claudia said, “It did kind of throw me off that Apollo showed up without his wife. I didn’t know the status of their relationship, but as far as I knew they were still married, so him showing up to the event was a little odd. But I was aware he was friends with Peter and Todd so I just figured that he was coming to hang out with his boys.”

Claudia continued, stating that “When he asked to speak to Kenya, I was a little pleased by that, because I think it’s something that needed to happen. This whole Apollo/Kenya thing has really been an issue for Kenya, and I know she was very frustrated that this lie would not go away. It was time for them to have closure on that situation.”

We really like Claudia and we agree with her- this was a conversation that had to happen. We should also note that we are THRILLED Kenya was validated.

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