NeNe Leakes- There Is No Reason To Waste Words On People Who Deserve Your Silence


Real Housewife of Atlanta NeNe Leakes has taken to her blog this week to throw a LOT of shade in a short amount of time without naming any names. What is NeNe saying? 

NeNe writes, ”

We’ve got one woman working in Vegas at Zumanity doing something different and out of the box, while the others sit around a bar to gossip and lie. We have a broken friendship that has affected one woman’s marriage and a career because it took so much energy, yet the other relocates to different cities with her husband and child to work and start new business ventures. We have one husband with no respect for his wife and children. We have a provoking bully that wants you to now believe she’s a victim. I can’t keep up, but I know you can, so why worry about people that talk behind your back? They’re behind you for a reason, right? With that said, there’s no need for me to waste words on people that deserve my silence. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing, so I’ll let you be the judge.”

There is DEFINITELY a lot of shade in that short statement.

What do YOU think about what NeNe wrote? Let us know.