Cynthia Bailey- Porsha Should Have Made A Better Choice Than Resulting To Violence


Real Housewife of Atlanta Cynthia Bailey was asked by why she didn’t invite Porsha Williams to her event on this past week’s episode. With her answer, Cynthia discussed her thoughts on Porsha’s actions on last year’s reunion and how that has influenced her relationship with Porsha. What specifically did Cynthia say? 

Cynthia told Bravo that “I chose not invite Porsha to my Ebony Magazine party since she spoke negatively about me on WWHL. I was under the impression we had always gotten along without any real issues. The first time I met Porsha was with NeNe at the home of her grandfather, Hosea Williams. I was excited to meet the granddaughter of such a legendary historical black leader. I was impressed by her strength and commitment to her grandfather’s legacy. I’m led to believe Porsha’s unkind remarks in her interview were directed toward me because I did not support her actions at the reunion. In my opinion, Porsha could have made a better choice than resulting to physical violence. If I were in that situation, I would have demanded the props be removed and walked off set until they were. Once again, I will reiterate the reunion is an extremely provocative environment and all of the ladies clearly understand that we are not there to trade recipes. The reunion has always been a playground for the possibility of being taunted or verbally attacked. All of the ladies are expected to come prepared with a cool and intelligent plan of defense.”

Nicely said, Cynthia!

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