Kandi- Apollo Accusing Kenya Wasn’t Right


On this past week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, housewife Kenya Moore was vindicated when Apollo Nida admitted he had made up the stories of her seeing him in Los Angeles and offering him oral sex. Now, housewife Kandi Buruss has spoken to Bravo about her feelings on the situation. What is she saying?¬†

Kandi says, “Over the last couple of years Todd and I had become pretty good friends with Apollo. I didn’t think he would just make up a story about Kenya¬†offering him fellatio and seeing her in Cali for no reason. There had been some flirty comments and moments that had happened between them that made the whole thing somewhat believable, and when I saw that text from her to him a while back saying ‘Hey Babe,’ I didn’t think it was appropriate. She said it was innocent, but I wouldn’t want another woman texting that to my husband, so I kind of didn’t know what to think. Kenya has definitely said the whole time that it wasn’t true, but with all the other stuff that had happened, I didn’t know whether to believe her. Apollo was our friend, so we definitely didn’t think he would keep a lie going like that for two years… Why? What was the point? We were shocked! I was just waiting for him to say he was joking or something. I felt bad for Kenya afterward. Don’t get me wrong, I know she’s done a lot of crazy things to make people pissed off, but accusing her of going around offering blow jobs just wasn’t right.”

Interesting! We definitely agree with Kandi’s stance that what he did was NOT right.

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