Sugar Bear Living With Mama June Again- Find Out Why Here!


Mama June Shannon’s estranged husband, Mike “Sugar Bear” Thomson, is living with her again. Why?

According to a source that spoke exclusively to Radar Online, “Social workers weren’t comfortable with only one adult supervising the three minor children… Alana has missed having her daddy in the house, and it was suggested by the department that he move back into the house, while the investigation was still ongoing. Sugar Bear agreed to do it, but wasn’t happy about it.”

The source continued, telling Radar that “Sugar Bear and Mama June can’t even be in the same room together at the small house. He doesn’t believe her constant denials in the media that she only saw Mark McDaniel twice. He is only staying in the house so the girls don’t get taken away from June. Sugar Bear is being used as a pawn, and he knows it. It’s a sad situation.”

The source wrapped up with telling Radar that Sugar Bear will be living with June for the “foreseeable future” as “June knows the media spotlight is on her, and thinks having Sugar Bear at her side will help boost her image, which has taken a huge hit since the Mark McDaniel pedophile scandal broke. Even though they are scheduled to appear at a charity event together there is no love lost between the two.”

Wow. We really feel for EVERYONE involved in this situation- aside from Mama June, that is.

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