Camille Grammer- This Has Been A Difficult Year For Me


Former Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Camille Grammer has definitely had a hard year while undergoing treatment for cancer. Camille recently spoke to about what she’s been going through. What did she say?

Camille told them, “This has been a difficult year for me. I was diagnosed with stage 2 endometrial cancer a little over a year ago. I was shocked and scared to hear that I had cancer, and the first thing that went through my mind was “Am I going to survive this? I need to be here for my children.” It was one of those surreal moments when time goes into slow motion, and you can’t completely comprehend everything that the oncologist is saying.

I went to MD Anderson in Houston, Texas for my robotic radical hysterectomy (they remove everything and the kitchen sink so to speak). Due to the kind of cancer I had, which was very aggressive (clear cell carcinoma), and the stage, I had to have chemo and radiation.

It will be a year this January that I had finished chemo and radiation. Chemo is awful! Radiation has long-lasting side effects that I’m still healing from to this day. I am so happy and blessed that I am in remission. Now I am involved with a organization to raise awareness and funds for research for female cancers below the belt, so to speak. Bringing attention to these cancers is so important. We want women to learn their symptoms, seek care from a gynecologic oncologist for the best outcomes. So, I walked/ran a 5k this November for the Foundation for Women’s Cancer’s National Race to End Women’s Cancer.”

We adore Camille and only hope for the best for her!