Claudia Jordan- I Was Surprised NeNe Would Say Something So Shady


Real Housewife of Atlanta Claudia Jordan is speaking out about NeNe Leakes’s comments that Claudia was “thirsty.” What was Claudia’s response? 

In her Bravo blog Claudia writes, “I thought that was an odd reaction. I mean how is it ‘thirsty’ of me to be in a city where I just got hired to work? I didn’t understand that comment. As someone that always prides herself for being such a hard worker, a hustler, and a worker bee, I was surprised that NeNe would say something that seemed shady about another fellow hard worker like myself, who is just out here making my own money and pursuing my own dreams. The irony of it all is that our professional paths have crossed in Atlanta before, so why would it be ‘thirsty’ of me to be out here now? I auditioned for the Rickey Smiley show and got the job, signed my contract, and relocated like I’m supposed to. So as far as being ‘thirsty,’ I’m actually quite satisfied and whatever thirst I may have had for bookings has clearly been quenched.”

We LOVE Claudia and completely support her response.

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