Bobby Ciasulli Clarifies Lots Of “The Truth”


Last week, Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Bobby Ciasulli released a video entitled “The Truth.” In the video, he broke down the controversial things that happened surrounding him and sought to explain his side of the story. He also explained his view of things related to his former friends Jim and Amber Marchese.

We spoke to Bobby late last week to get some clarification on things people are wanting to know about the video. 

We first asked Bobby why it took so long to release, as he released it after the season wrapped. Bobby told us, “To me, I don’t understand why people ask that. To me this season just ended and part three of the reunion just ended. When they say wait so long, I’m not sure what they mean. I wanted to see how the season played out and how the reunion did, as we taped more than what you as the viewer see. After it aired, that’s when I knew what I needed to dive into. Once the decision was made, we had to organize and get a studio booked.”

The studio and set was also another question people had. Bobby said “I don’t really wanna tell people that, but let’s say it’s nice to have a lot of friends.”

In terms of “The Truth,” Bobby planned to film this even if he had made up with Amber and Jim. He had even run into Amber the night before at a Bravo event and she asked him when they would end this beef. He said, “The video was scheduled and shot the morning after I ran into Amber. There’s nothing that could have come out of her mouth that would have deterred me, because I was made to look like an ass. I was betrayed by them. This video was getting done whether we made up or not. Everyone who watched the show needed to know.”

Fans hoping for a reconciliation between them all shouldn’t necessarily hold their breath, as Bobby said that “With all that has happened and all these lies that have been told, how do you ever put your relationship back to the same way it was? It’s impossible. This kid (Jim) outright lies about so many things and I’m gonna now be friends with him again? How do you ever do that, show or no show? It really did a lot of damage- they did a lot of damage. I’m not blaming editing. The problem lies with Jim’s outright lies.”

Finally, Bobby told us the one thing he wishes had been in the video that wasn’t He says, “When the question came up about Amber telling everyone Nicole is a home wrecker, I never got into the fact that what she said is ridiculous and the furthest thing from the truth. This was between two people- one separated and one divorced (Nicole). Nicole didn’t wreck a marriage. Amber was trying to be a troublemaker on camera by saying it.”