Claudia Jordan- Porsha Knew I Didn’t Ask Her To Lunch To Discuss Tom Ford


Real Housewife of Atlanta Claudia Jordan attempted a sit down with Porsha Williams this past week to try to figure out why Porsha had acted shadily towards her and to see if she could try to get Porsha to have a sit down with Porsha’s arch nemesis, Kenya Moore. When Claudia brought up Kenya, Porsha diverted to pulling out Tom Ford hand lotion and talking about it. Claudia spoke to about this experience. What did she say? 

Claudia tells Bravo, “I just figured that Porsha was holding out on me. I was thinking, “OK, I know she knows there’s a reason I asked her to lunch, and it certainly wasn’t to discuss Tom Ford lotion,” so actually I was perplexed! Why are you stalling answering my questions when we can hash it out and we can both go about our business? I thought that I came at her in a very cool, fair, and non-abrasive way, so when Porsha refused to even discuss Kenya in any way, I thought that was odd.”

Claudia continued, stating that ” I mean, at this point there have been countless interviews and blogs written and tweets and Instagram jabs made, so I’m figuring I’m not asking you about anything private or personal. It was public knowledge. I was sincerely trying to assist with some kind of resolve. I really and truly was. Now was I naive enough to think that I could make them be friends? No, not at all. And that wasn’t my intent. I simply wanted us to get to a place where they could be in the same room together without an issue. That’s all. I know miracles don’t happen overnight and some friendships will quite frankly never materialize. So I figured as someone who is new in town and has no enemies, I’d love to be able to go to everyone’s event and support all the ladies and sometimes invite Kenya along with me and not have to worry about any problems if we run into Porsha.”

Claudia wrapped up with saying that “That fight was very detrimental and sad to me. I cringe when I think about it actually. So if there is even the smallest thing that I could do to try to help avoid another incident, why not? Hey, at least I can say I tried. Again, I’m not expecting them to be BFFs, but we are in a group, and we all attend the same events, so if it can be a little less awkward, why not? I do not regret trying to bridge the gap at all. And yes, I’d do it again. It’s the right thing to do.”

We are LOVING Claudia and love her for trying to do this.

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