Cynthia Bailey- Apollo Was The Worst Offender


Real Housewife of Atlanta Cynthia Bailey appeared on Watch What Happens Live Sunday night. On the after show, a caller asked her about her thoughts on if Kenya Moore owes Phaedra an apology as well. Cynthia gave her thoughts on the matter. What did she say? Cynthia said, “I think that whole thing worked both ways. Kenya definitely flirted. Kenya’s definitely fun and she’s just a flirt… the worst part of that whole situation is to just make up something and say that someone did and stay with it for two years. That was what we all just had an issue with. But yes, Kenya certainly flirted, but that’s just part of her personality… But again, I think Apollo was the biggest offender in that situation because he just made up a lie.”

We personally agree with what Cynthia said, but tell us- what do you think about Cynthia’s comments?