Scheana Marie- I Want To Apologize To Katie, As She Didn’t Cheat


Last night on Vanderpump Rules, a rumor was spread about Katie Maloney that she cheated on boyfriend Tom Schwartz. Now, Scheana Marie has taken to her Bravo blog to apologize to Katie and claim that she didn’t cheat. What specifically is Scheana saying? 

Schooner writes, “I would like to sincerely apologize to Katie. Yes, several months ago we were all at a club and saw what looked like ‘inappropriate behavior.’ I never once said she cheated. I said what I saw. After talking to Katie about it, I realize that it wasn’t what it seemed. When she bent down to take her shoes off, her head was in that region. Also, in her drunken state when she was dancing shaking her head back and forth it definitely looked like she was ‘motorboating’ this guy. I never brought it up to Schwartz (or Katie even) because it wasn’t that big of a deal. She was drunk and having fun with her girlfriend and one of her friends. It looked shady, I saw it, and I moved on with my life.”

Scheana continued, stating that, “Jax and I would make jokes about it all the time because it was funny at the time when we came up with the ‘motorboating a D’ reference. I didn’t want to make a big deal of it. Jax blew it way out of proportion and kept calling Katie a cheater. She DID NOT cheat. . .I simply felt like she crossed the line. Schwartz doesn’t care so no one else should either. They had a rough summer with their relationship, and I apologize for any part, small or large, I may have had in that.”

We LOVE Scheana and think it shows her maturity to apologize.

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