Tom Schwartz- It Was Sad Seeing People Try To Spread The Katie Cheating Rumor


Vanderpump Rules star Tom Schwartz has taken to his Bravo blog to discuss his thoughts on people trying to out the rumor that Katie Maloney cheated on him on last night’s episode. What did Tom say? Tom writes, “It was borderline sad trying to see people try and stir the pot of Katie’s infidelity rumors. It was honestly laughable. I struggled to take them seriously even for a moment.”

He continued, stating that, “Even if they were true, I know it would have been innocent/drunk flirting. Not that I think that’s acceptable within a relationship — but you have to be reasonable and have perspective. People are always so vocal in regards to alcohol not being an excuse. It definitely doesn’t excuse reckless behavior or going out and fooling around, but there is a huge distinction between doing stuff like that wasted and sober. If you have an affair when of sound mind and judgment, sober, you are an asshole. If you do it drunk on a whim you are more of a douchebag. Both despicable but the distinction has to be noted. If Katie cheated on me while wasted I could deal with it. If she was emotionally invested and leading some sort of surreptitious life on the side with another dude, we would have to call it quits. It would be heartbreaking. These are just my feelings on the matter.”

He wrapped up with saying, “To reiterate I don’t think either scenario is OK, they are both awful but to a different degree. In regards to these accusations in particular, I’d say bullsh–. It’s something innocent getting sensationalized, maybe due to their ire towards Katie. Out of spite maybe? I don’t know what’s fueling it.”

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