What Show Did Bethenny Originally Want To Return To Bravo For?


Fans of the Real Housewives of New York City may be disappointed to know Bethenny did NOT initially want to return to the show, but had different ideas for what her return to reality television should be. What were they? 

In his new book The Andy Cohen Diaries, Andy writes, “Bethenny made me lunch at her house- she has Skinnygirl products for everything, it’s amazing. She wanted to pitch me doing Bethenny Starting Over, but I had my own ideas and turned the discussing into the (seemingly insane at first but makes sense the longer you talk about it) idea of her coming back to RHONY; and I can’t believe it, but i think it worked. I made a lot of compelling arguments (good money, ensemble show, she knows what she’s getting into, it would certainly be a success ratings-wise vs. this season)… It would be huge for the show to have her back.”

Interesting! Tell us- would you rather have seen Bethenny in her own show, on RHONY, or on both?