Lisa Vanderpump- Carlton AND Joyce Didn’t Get A Great Break


Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Lisa Vanderpump recently interviewed Andy Cohen for Watch What Happens Live‘s Youtube channel. While interviewing him, they discussed Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia. What did they both say? On if he thought casting Joyce was a mistake, Andy said, “I thought it would be her (Joyce’s) last reunion… I called Joyce a river of words because she had a lot to say. She was bugging Yolanda so much. When you were sitting at that reunion did you think that both Carlton and Joyce would be back?”

Lisa replied, stating that, ““I felt that in that season they didn’t get a great break. I think the dynamic of the show was so focused at having a go at me, they lost their way a little bit. It became too negative. I think they weren’t shown in their entirety. That really kind of bothered me.”

Andy responded with “I made the point in my book that I thought that Carlton specifically got an unfair shake. Talking to her at the reunion, we portrayed her as a bad witch, but also she’s a PTA Mom- we portrayed her, all the sex stuff and the Wicca stuff, and that was kind of it. I know that there was more to her and I felt that she got an unfair shake. I think that it would have been more interesting if we had shown… like oh yeah this woman likes having these sexy parties, but she’s also a PTA Mom.”

Interesting. We personally ADORED Joyce and think she’s a sweetheart. What do you think about what Andy and Lisa said?  Let us know!