EXCLUSIVE: Wendy Feldman- Teresa Took A Bad Plea Deal, But Needs To Make Changes

Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Giudice’s former crisis manager, Wendy Feldman, spoke exclusively to me after news broke yesterday that Teresa is suing her bankruptcy lawyer. What did Wendy have to say? Wendy exclusively tells us, “I wasn’t aware that she went through with actually filing it. I didn’t believe that she actually did, but I now have a copy of it. She did. We met with experts and I advised her not to (do this). When you have a consequence that is multifaceted- meaning it’s not just bankruptcy fraud, it’s mail fraud, it’s wire fraud, it’s just a pile of it- you’ve got to realize that there’s a problem and the problem is you. This was a terrible lawyer, this is true. She took a bad plea deal.”

She continued, telling us, “I’ve been very vocal about that… That said, her end result was a gift. It was a gift .The more you do this leading to a prison stint, you forget one thing- at the end of a prison stint there is a halfway house, and there’s probation and you don’t just get to walk out the door and life is jolly again. This positioning is ill advised. I don’t know who is advising her… it’s moronic.”

She continued, stating that, “Prison was inevitable. I was there to get her ready for this. I navigated it pretty well, I kept her out of the media, I watched every word she said… In the end, she doesn’t want to go to prison. Nobody does… I would say to her Martha Stewart went to prison, Steve Madden went to prison, I went to prison. And we all came back better. And learned from it. You will too.”

She wrapped up with saying, “Any time Teresa received- as did Joe- a reduced sentence due to acceptance of responsibility- which was right on the sentencing form, this does not match the gift they were given. It doesn’t reconcile. It’s disappointing she hasn’t learned more and started to change but despite what people think, Teresa is smart and she still can- with HARD work- pull it together and live the words she spoke in court October 2nd. In the end I was doing my job. It’s a job. Now it’s her turn. She’s a hard worker. Time to go to work and make some changes.”

It is interesting to note a source close to the situation tells us many people actually saw Wendy write the speech Teresa gave in court.

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