Joe Giudice’s Ex Business Partner- Teresa and Joe Are Horrible People


Joe Giudice, of Real Housewives of New Jersey, was in business with a man named Joe Mastropole. He spoke to exclusively today about Joe and Teresa. What did he say? Mastropole said, “They always blame others for their frauds. That’s typical of them. They use their lawyers and accountants [as fall guys].”

He continued, stating that, “They’re bull-shitters. They’re horrible people. I don’t know how they live with themselves.”

In regards to them filing another lawsuit, he said, “Where are they getting the money for that? They should take that money they’re using to sue the lawyer and pay their debts. The lawyer that they’re using to sue the other lawyer, if it’s not a favorable decision they will probably sue that lawyer also!”

To wrap up, Mastropole- who had previously pursued legal action against the Giudices- said, “I’m out about $400,000 in attorney fees. I’ll probably never get my money. I was better off letting them rip me off and not hiring my attorney. I should have just walked away.”

Wow. What do you think about what he said? Do you believe it or do you think he’s just bitter? Let us know.