Teresa Giudice Has Told Milania About Prison Time


With her impending prison sentence, we can imagine how hard the holidays are for Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Giudice. US Weekly ran a cover story this week discussing her last Thanksgiving and Christmas. In it, they detail how Teresa HAS told Milania about going away to prison. What did they say specifically?

The article explains that Teresa HAS told Milania about going away to prison, although vaguely. According to a source that spoke to US Weekly, “Milania is an eavesdropper and was listening to Teresa talk about prison to Joe. There were some comments made at school too, so Teresa had to explain things properly. She was vague, only telling them that Mommy and Daddy have to go away.”

The source continued, detailing that Teresa compared it to college and “said they’ll be able to visit and talk on the phone. And that it’s a place where you can grow, become a better person, and learn new things.” However, the source claims the kids “don’t fully understand.”

This is very sad and we can only begin to imagine how hard this is going to be on her children.

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