Teresa Giudice Spending Quality Time With Her Daughters Before Prison

TERESA GIUDICE from "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" outside the "Live...One thing Teresa Giudice has always been is a fabulous Mom dedicated to her children. A new article in US Weekly this week details how she’s spending time with her daughters before her upcoming prison sentence. What does the article say? 

A source tells US that “She has carved out individual time with each (of her daughters). With Gia, for instance, she brainstorms ways to make the girl’s new pop group, 3KT, a sensation. They talk about outfits, touring, making videos.”

The article also details how she spends time with Milania “window shopping” at pet stores and time with Gabriella and Audrianna getting snacks.

In addition, as was previously reported, Teresa has spent time making videos for each of her children before she goes away. The source details that “There will be one for birthdays, one for holidays and a video with words of encouragement for when they’re sad.”

This truly is sad but we give her credit for ensuring she spends time with her girls as much as she can right now.