Wendy Williams- Mariah Carey Sings Better Than Most On Her WORST Day


We adore Mariah Carey and didn’t understand the backlash she received last week for her vocals on the live performance of “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Besides a few high notes, we personally thought she sounded fine; however, the majority of people were quick to criticize her. This morning, on her show, Wendy Williams took the position of defending Mariah. What did Wendy say? 

Wendy said, “It wasn’t terrible. I’m trying to figure out what the story is and why people are shaming her. Her voice sounded a little bit dry like maybe she wanted something to drink… or maybe she needed a little Halls or something like that, but like I’ve always said about her, she sings better than Rihanna and these other chicks on her worst day.”

Nicely said, Wendy, and dare we say we agree!

What did you think of Mariah’s performance? Let us know!