Brandi Glanville Wine Line Still Coming Out- When?


Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Brandi Glanville is still planning on releasing a wine line. When will it be out? She spoke to Bravo’s “The Dish” about this today. What did she say? 

Brandi told them, “Yes, my wine is still coming out. It should be out by the end of January.”

A few months ago, Brandi had been trying to figure out what to call it. It seems this is still not figured out, as she claimed, “We have a few names that we’re floating around. But if I reveal them out loud someone will go and buy [the rights] to them. I’ve been doing this on Twitter, where I’ll say, ‘Oh, I like this name!’ All of a sudden, it gets bought up! I have two names that I love and I’m hoping we get one of them.”

Interesting! We wish Brandi the best of luck in this new venture and can’t wait to try her wine.