Chloe’s Mom- If It Wasn’t For Todd and Julie, We’d Be On The Side Of A Highway


Kyle Chrisley, the son of Todd Chrisley from Chrisley Knows Best, had previously spoken to Radar Online criticizing his father and claiming he used Kyle’s daughter Chloe due to the fact that she is biracial and could help boost ratings of his show by depicting him raising her. Todd later spoke out saying that his son is not well. Now, Angela Johnson- who is Chloe’s biological mother- has spoken to Radar and she is defending Todd and Julie Chrisley (Todd’s wife). What did she say? 

Angela tells them, “Honestly, it’s not true. Kyle is the kind of person who will say anything, and people believe it. I know Todd is not using Chloe just for that TV show. If it wasn’t for Todd, me and Kyle and Chloe would have been on the side of the interstate! Todd and Julie stepped in to help me with Chloe, because Kyle would not do it.”

Angela continued, saying that, “When I was in the hospital having Chloe, Kyle didn’t show up until after she was born. After I had her, he was in and out of the hospital, with people he shouldn’t have been with. I didn’t know until after the fact exactly what was going on.”

Angela claims that after Chloe was born, “we went to stay at my sister’s house until I got an apartment. Kyle came to my sister’s house. She was seven months pregnant, and he kicked the door and ran up on her with a knife.”

The sheriff from the county that Angela’s sister lives in confirmed this via Faebook according to Radar, who states that he posted, “the altercation began when Johnson confronted Chrisley about his habit of staying out all night and not returning home until late in the morning. Chrisley became angry and struck Johnson in the face with an open hand. e then took her child and left the residence. Minutes later, Chrisley returned and kicked in the front door. When Johnson’s sister confronted Chrisley, he threatened her with a knife.”

Once this happened, Angela says she was “at rock bottom” and that Todd and Julie “met me at 11 at night at McDonalds in Atlanta to pick up Chloe, because I could not take care of her on my own.”

Angela also detailed that Kyle has no true interest in Chloe: “He doesn’t want Chloe. He had time to visit her, but he will not go visit her. He’s more interested in his own girlfriend. I’m not a dramatic person and I don’t like drama. When it comes to my business and my daughter, I don’t just come out and put it out for the world to see. But I don’t like when people come at me saying that I’m the unfit parent or I’m the one that’s not wanting Chloe. I see Chloe and talk to her two and three times a day. He doesn’t call on her.”

She wrapped up with telling Radar that “The only reason he wanted to be around me and Chloe was to get money from Todd and Julie. But they wouldn’t send him money because they knew what he was doing with that money.”

Wow. We have said since we started blogging about the Chrisleys what great people they are and this definitely backs that.

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