EXCLUSIVE: Todd Chrisley Responds To Chloe’s Mom’s Defense Of Him and Julie


Chrisley Knows Best star Kyle Chrisley had previously gone after his father, Todd, who is raising Kyle’s daughter Chloe. Kyle had claimed Todd was only doing this for ratings for the show, as Chloe is biracial. This morning, Radar Online posted an exclusive piece with Angela Johnson, Chloe’s Mom. In the piece, she defended Todd and Julie Chrisley, claiming that if it wasn’t for them Chloe and her would have “been on the side of a highway.” We caught up with Todd exclusively this morning to get his response. What did he say? 

Todd tells us, “It’s a private matter and for the sake of my granddaughter and her not reading about her parents conduct I would prefer to not comment.”

Todd and Julie are such upstanding people, and we applaud him for his comment.