Is Joanna Krupa Having A Baby?

Is Real Housewife of Miami Joanna Krupa having a baby anytime soon with husband Romain Zago?

Not yet, as she detailed to People Magazine.

Joanna told them, “One of my best friends had a tough time getting pregnant, and her situation had me really thinking about freezing my eggs. I don’t want to regret [not doing it] two, three years down the line, when I’m trying to have kids, in case for some reason I’m infertile. I would never forgive myself.”

What did Romain think of this? “He was all for it. We’re not ready to have kids at this moment, and I think it’s just safe to have a little security blanket. I don’t really have any concerns about what could go wrong because I made a decision to do this, and I think it’s a responsible decision this time in my life. Dr. Steinberg’s one of the best doctors to do this type of procedure, and I know I’m in great hands.”

We wish Joanna and Romain good luck on this journey and applaud them for not having a child when they know they’re not ready yet.