Jax Taylor- Everything I’ve Done, They’ve All Done


Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor has taken to his blog to express his thoughts on this week’s episode. What did he say? Jax writes, “It’s so great that finally other people are cheating. It’s not just me anymore! I’m always this villain — but everything that I’ve done, they’ve all done. Yet I’m always looked at like the bad person. But whatever, it is what it is. There’s got to be a villain. I’ll take it. I’m the mule. Of course I’m not going to sit there and say ‘ha ha ha,’ now that Tom and Katie are in my shoes. But it’s like they preach this game — and they all have done what I’ve done. They just hide it better than I do, I guess. You’re going to see how this all plays out.”

Interesting! What do you think about what Jax wrote? Let su know.