Amber Marchese Launches Health Consulting Firm


We are very excited to announce that Real Housewife of New Jersey Amber Marchese has launched a health consulting firm. Want details? 

Amber posted the following on her Facebook page:

“Hello beautiful friends, family, and fitness lovers! I am so excited, proud, and honored to announce Vici fitness my health consulting firm has partnered with RevolutioniZe a fitness and nutrition consulting firm. I made the decision to partner with RevolutioniZe because of our synergies and common fitness philosophies. We believe in science based nutrition and fitness, as well as, keeping fitness simple. RevolutioniZe has an unprecedented history of success, client to client, including taking several clients to top placements at national fitness shows.

“Wannabees” and fitness marketers use trends and fads to make a quick buck in the industry by persuading fitness lovers that they require a “creative trick” in their workouts to hit fitness goals. These crazy trends and fads have convoluted a simple wisdom which has transcended time and worked throughout history. This simple wisdom dictates one truth: Weight lifting is the basis for overall health and a pleasing physical appearance. A proper weight lifting routine combined with the correct amount cardiovascular endurance and proper nutrition are all you need to achieve great fitness goals. By going back to basics you can achieve the body you want or hit the fitness goal you need. Society has deterred women from lifting weights with urban legends claiming women will get to bulky or masculine. I am here to say, that is bogus! Think of the weights as the scalpel and our bodies as clay ready to be sculpted.”

This sounds like a very exciting venture! Congrats, Amber!