Jacqueline Laurita- Dina and I Stopped The Nonsense And Are Moving Forward


A longtime feud between Real Housewives of New Jersey Dina Manzo and her sister-in-law Jacqueline Laurita has come to an end (as has the feud between Dina and Caroline). Jacqueline spoke to Radar Online today about why they moved on. What did she say? 

Jacqueline told them, “We all mutually decided to stop the nonsense and move forward in a positive way. We even had Thanksgiving together for the first time and it was peaceful and normal and great to have everyone together.”

By spending Thanksgiving together, Jacqueline is referring to how Dina stopped by the Lauritas on Thanksgiving with her daughter, Lexi.

Also, remember how Dina said she wouldn’t ever meet Nicholas? She has now met him! She did this when she stopped by their house on the holiday. On this Jacqueline said, “Yes and he (Nicholas) loved her. He even sat on her lap and played with her hair.”

In addition, I reached out to Jacqueline and she commented that she was “very happy to see the smiles on all the cousin’s faces when they spent a night out together last night.”

We are THRILLED to see this family back together and at peace!