Lisa Vanderpump- Seeing Yolanda Receive The News Was Heart Rendering


Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Lisa Vanderpump took to her Bravo blog to express her thoughts on Yolanda receiving the phone call that her daughter had gotten a DUI. What did Lisa say? 

Lisa writes, “Seeing Yolanda receive the news of Bella’s DUI was heart rendering really. We as parents always feel the responsibility of our children’s actions, but at some point they have to be held accountable, and if nobody was hurt, I am a believer that sometimes a scare can be the ultimate lesson that is necessary to steer them in the right direction.Then as we witness the flashbacks to Bella reassuring her mother all would be well in her absence, it is something I am sure many mothers and daughters have experienced, but few have the humbling scenario captured by cameras for all to witness! I know all three children to be sweet, kind, intelligent individuals that are a credit to the family, and this unfortunate incident should be documented as just that. We live and learn from our mistakes, and I’m thankful the cost wasn’t too high.”

Nicely said, no? Let us know what you think.