Kristen Doute- I Want To Crawl Inside A Hole

Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute has taken to her Bravo blog to express her thoughts on last night’s episode and negative comments she receives on social media. What did Kristen have to say?¬†Kristen writes, “This was a tough episode to watch for multiple reasons. First and foremost, please remember this was not filmed yesterday. The way I felt then and the way that I feel now could not be more opposite. Watching myself confront Ariana and cry in front of Tom again basically made me want to crawl inside a hole. I admit that I remained angry and victimized myself for a long time about the situation, rather than allowing myself to heal. It’s not a normal circumstance to have to work alongside your ex and his new girlfriend.”

She wrapped up with saying, “Reading a lot of the comments you guys post on social media is very hurtful, and sometimes verging on ludicrous, calling me “psycho” because I was heartbroken over the demise of my six year relationship. I’ve made mistakes but I’m a human being, just like you. I remind myself not to waste words on people that deserve your silence. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all.”

We agree with Kristen that silence can be a good thing, especially on social media. There’s no need to engage with people who sit around bashing you. That said, we don’t necessarily feel like this season is making her look good, especially when she tried to bring a girl into SUR that Tom had allegedly slept with in an attempt to wreck his new relationship.

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