Lisa Vanderpump- Stassi’s Attitude Is Slightly Ridiculous


Vanderpump Rules star and boss Lisa Vanderpump has taken to her Bravo Vlog to address Stassi Schroeder’s new attitude, now that Stassi doesn’t work at SUR. What did Lisa have to say? 

Lisa states in her vlog that, “I think Stassi’s attidue is slightly ridiculous. I mean she comes in here now like Grace Kelly. Just a year ago, these were her best friends. She was the leader of this pack and suddenly not one of them is good enough for her?”

Lisa continued, saying that, “But I don’t think Stassi’s quite ready to let that position go. Even though she doesn’t work there, she still wants to make her presence felt.”

We definitely agree with Lisa on this. Stassi is DEFINITELY trying to act like she’s above her old friends, yet can’t resist going around them constantly.

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