Tom Sandoval- If I Was James, I Would Have Been Long Gone

Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval has taken to his Bravo Vlog to address his thoughts on ex-girlfriend Kristen Doute coming over AGAIN on last night’s episode. What did Tom have to say? Tom states, “Watching a scene like that, what really becomes crystal clear to me is what a difference there is between Ariana and Kristen and how that every time Kristen acts that way, it just increases that gap. I just can’t be more proud and more in love really. It’s really ridiculous for me to see how she got ready to come over to my house. And James is having to watch her get ready and curl her hair and change and put this revealing dress on to come over to her ex-boyfriend’s house. It’s so obvious. If I was him, I would have been long gone.”

Tom wrapped up with saying that, “I’m really glad, even watching it now, that I had Schwartz there with me, because Kristen will manipulate things like her coming over to my house, and tell people things happened that don’t happen. So I have to have somebody there.”

We totally understand where Tom is coming from and agree with him.

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