Wendy Feldman To Write Book Including “Several Chapters On Teresa”

Wendy Feldman, the former crisis manager of Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Giudice, has revealed to RadarOnline.com that she will be writing a tell-all book that will include “several chapters on Teresa.” Want more details? 

Wendy tells Radar, “There will be several chapters in my new book dedicated to my time spent working with Teresa Giudice. From the day I met her, until the day I quit, and how Teresa went downhill so fast after that. I had to juggle so many things while working with Teresa, including many of my other non-celebrity clients,” she said. “It was a constant struggle with Teresa to get her to take responsibility for her actions, and I was basically on call for her 24/7.”

Wendy wrapped up with informing them that, “The book won’t be only about Teresa, and will reveal how the judicial system really works, especially in the world of celebrity and public opinion. It will be a fascinating read. I wish Teresa only the best and hope she learns and grows from her time behind bars.”

This book definitely sounds like it’s going to be interesting to read and filled with juicy details for gossip fans to savor.

What do you think? Will you be reading the book? Let us know.