Jaime Primak Sullivan Dishes On Cawfeetawks, Publicity, and More!


Yesterday, we ran the first part of our exclusive catch up with Jersey Belle star Jaime Primak Sullivan. Today we bring you the second part. In this part we discuss her amazing and inspirational “Cawfeetawks,” how things have been with her clients she represents, and other things she’s been working on. 

Every morning Jaime posts an inspirational video known as a “Cawfeetawk.” These got so popular that Keurig picked them up! On these Jaime tells us, “When Jersey Belle was on the air, I got a ton of emails from viewers saying things like ‘you’re the realest woman in reality television’, ‘I wish I could talk to you about…’… so I thought, what if I make a video and address some of these emails? Perhaps a few people will listen… and now, Cawfeetawk reaches over 1.5 million Facebook timelines a week. Keurig took notice and reached out to me about becoming a brand ambassador. The whole situation has been a tremendous blessing.”

Not only is Jaime involved with her “tawks” and Jersey Belle, but she is also a publicist. She updated us on how things have been with her clients, telling us that, “Work is great. My clients are good, everyone is busy. I’ve had a ton of calls for new business since the show aired and at this stage of my career, being 14 years in, I can be more selective. As I mentioned, I recently signed world renowned Soprano, Alyson Cambridge, and I am blown away by this woman’s talent which is why I signed her. I also signed designer Abi Ferrin who’s dress I wore in all the promo shots for Jersey Belle. She was such a blessing coming out of the show.”

Finally, Jaime addressed other things she’s been up to, telling us that, “I’ve been writing blogs for Yahoo Parenting and they’ve done so well. Good Housekeeping has been picking them up. It’s really a dream come true. I sold another film in November and am currently writing my fourth screenplay. There are a few other blessings in the works… as soon as I can, I share all the details.”

Jaime truly is one of the hardest working people we know in this business and a total sweetheart. We simply adore her!