Amber Marchese- I Don’t Talk To Dina Manzo Because…


Real Housewife of New Jersey Amber Marchese recently spoke to In their exclusive conversation, she detailed why she doesn’t talk to Dina Manzo and talked about her husband, Jim. What did Amber say?

Amber told Radar, “I don’t talk to Dina because I feel like she was disrespectful to my husband far too many times and I won’t stand for that.”

On Jim, Amber said, “Does he stand his ground? Does he say what he wants to say? Does he protect me? 150 percent. He doesn’t go out just randomly saying crap to people. There was a lot to get him to that point. They don’t get to see the tender side, the really loving side.”

We know Amber and Jim personally and can definitely back that Jim is a great guy.