Phaedra Parks- It Was Difficult Dealing With Whichever Personality Of Apollo’s Showed Up


Last night, Real Housewife of Atlanta Phaedra Parks was on Watch What Happens Live. While there, she discussed the scene with her soon to be ex-husband Apollo Nida, where he showed up to a nightclub unexpectedly to have a conversation with her. What did Phaedra have to say? 

She said, “Any time you are dealing with something very personal in the media and on TV it’s very difficult. I mean, it’s quite uncomfortable.”

She continued, specifically talking about the scene, stating that, “We’ve seen Apollo on the show become aggressive and he has been during this time- he has been on an emotional roller coaster, so he’s been up and down. It’s been quite difficult to deal with, his personality, whichever one shows up… I was wondering why he would come to this nightclub and try to have such a interesting conversation in the midst of all these people versus having it where it’s more appropriate in the comfort of the home.”

We really feel for Phaedra and can only imagine how tough this was to not only go through, but to now relive.