Pushing The Button Episode 1- Jim Marchese

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We are starting a new feature on the blog entitled “Pushing The Button.” Each Monday we will ask a housewife, house husband, or friend of the housewives FIVE questions. They may choose ONE out of the FIVE that they think pushes the button and they refuse to answer. The rest, they have to answer. For our first week, we spoke to house husband of New Jersey Jim Marhcese. Ready to see what he said? 

Let’s get right into it:

1. What’s the worst thing you’ve heard said about Dina from someone OTHER Than yourself?

“The worst thing was that Dina has never spent time with her nephew, nor has she helped her family in caring for him.  As Dina is so heartless, I must add a second. That she created a bogus divorce for a storyline and spoke poorly about the man who has provided her an extravagant lifestyle.”

2. Do you regret saying to Teresa Aprea ‘I do believe your husband f****d your mother?’

“No regrets in telling, as if I had not told them the others would have treated as true.  I made it a joke, which is exactly what it is.”

3. What are your new year’s wishes for Bobby?

“That booby moves Nicole into his home and gets engaged…no prenuptial. (We could have a) Wedding on RHONJ.”

4. If you could take one thing back from this season BESIDES what you said to Teresa Aprea, what would it be?

“I would not have told booby why I wasn’t going bowling.”

5. Which twitter user do you hate the most?

“That’s pushing the button. I will not give that trash the satisfaction as they are so insignificant I do not even remember their twitter names.”

There you have it! We think Jim did a great job. What do you think? Let us know!