Demetria McKinney- Phaedra, Karma Is A Bitch


Just because Demetria McKinney is the newest face on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, it doesn’t mean she’s going to sit quietly in the corner. She recently spoke to about her thoughts on Phaedra Parks. What did she have to say?

Demetria told Radar, “Do you have time for my thoughts on Phaedra? She is easily intimidated by everybody. I understand that life deals everybody a different deck and sometimes the hand you’re dealt isn’t necessarily fair, but turning bitter and turning on everybody around you is just not cool.”

She continued talking about Phaedra, stating that, “I know that she’s upset that information is out right now. I know it’s really just adding drama to the already drama full life. I can only say that I feel like karma is a bitch and it’s slapping her in the face right now!”

She also dished on Apollo Nida and how Phaedra is acting towards him, saying, “For her to let him take the whole wrap, I think it’s just sad. You say so let’s not part through thick and thin and then once it gets thick with something you knew he was capable of, you go running and talking bad about him. It’s just adds to the persona.”

From this part of the interview, it’s clear Demetria is coming out swinging- and we love it!

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