Scheana Marie- Stassi Is A Negative, Cold-Hearted Bitch!


Scheana Marie, of Vanderpump Rules, has clearly had it with Stassi Schroeder and took to her blog this week to seriously vent. What did Scehana write? 

On Stassi, she writes, “I literally almost spit out my drink when I heard Stassi say her and Kristina are ‘positive people.’ Are you kidding me!??? Stassi is the most negative, cold-hearted bitch I have ever met in my entire life. They’re ‘loyal’ to each other because they don’t have anyone else. Kristina does whatever Stassi wants, and Stassi takes full advantage of having a pathetic follower excuse of a friend. For Stassi to say I ‘didn’t give her a choice’ of being one of my bridesmaids is also a joke. When she and I were super close she would tell me all of the time, ‘You’re getting engaged soon, I can feel it.’ ‘I better be a part of your bridal party’ ‘If I’m not one of your bridesmaids I’ll kill you.’ Etc, etc, etc. So yes, I clearly didn’t give her a choice? OK.”

Scheana wrapped up with saying, “After that sit down with Stassi, I have nothing left to say to her. I don’t ever want to be her friend again and I can go on living my life.”

While harsh, we understand where Scheana is coming from.

Tell us- whose side are you on?