What Is Teresa Doing In Her Final Free Days?


Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Giudice is preparing to go off to prison by 1/5. A new US weekly article details how she has spent her final free days. What is she doing? The article details from a source that Teresa is:

– “taking videos and pictures of all the things they’re (her family) doing together so they can watch them when she’s gone.”

– She’s made videos for the birthdays and holidays she’ll miss where she “spoke from the heart about how much she loves her girls.”

– Learning about prison and how to survive there. The source claims she’s “been reading everything she can find online.”

– Thinking about her looks, including that she “got Botox to look good for as long as possible.”

– Bulking up her muscles as “she doesn’t want to be seen as a puny rag doll.”

– Sleeping in bed with her daughters as she “wants to remember their smell and how warm their little bodies feel. During cold nights in prison, she wants to be able to close her eyes and pretend she’s with them.”

– Having issues with Joe. The source claims she’s “angry Joe got her into this mess. She tossed him out of the bedroom a few months ago. His groping, snoring, scratching and smell turn her off.”

– Staying strong, which the source wrapped with claiming she’s “doing her best to do.”

We KNOW Teresa is SO strong and although we can’t imagine the pain she’s going through, we know she will come out of this okay.

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