New Bachelor Gets Dirty, Wants Wife to Settle on Farm

In the past, Bachelors have been princes, millionaires, single parents… this year, the newest Bachelor, Chris Soules, is a farmer.

bachelor farm

Tomorrow night at 8pm on ABC’s the Bachelor, Soules, a former contestent on the Bachelorette, will begin his search for a wife that he ultimately hopes will settle down with him on his family farm in Arlington, Iowa.

Soules told Newsday that “People think we’re either hillbillies or big corporate farming. The majority of farms are still family-run, but technology is more efficient than before, so my dad and I and a couple of employees farm 5,000, 6,000 acres, give or take — not on one chunk of ground, but throughout a 30-mile radius.”

Although technology helps, he does still get dirty while farming when needed. “I’m all in, I’m on the tractor. Most of my life I’ve been picking up rocks and shoveling hog manure by hand. It has evolved to where I’m doing less physical labor certain times of the year, but it’s still probably 30 percent of what I do.”

He definitely sounds like a different kind of Bachelor who is going to need a particular kind of woman.

Tell us, are you planning on watching his quest for love?