The Truth Behind ABC’s Bachelor Marketing

As the new season of the Bachelor begins, some of the reporting about the topic will be by our new contributor Tanya Martell. Tanya is a huge Bachelor fan- you’ll hear more about her Bachelor experiences tomorrow. If you want to connect with her, Tanya’s Twitter is @tssper. But today, here’s Tanya’s first article about why ABC has been marketing Chris Soules as a good ole Fashion American guy. 


On Monday night, the tables turn and the television switches from football and commentators to Chris Harrison coddling Chris Soules through his search for the one on The Bachelor.

Chris is ABC’s biggest hope and token to bring Bachelor fan’s back to the show after the drama of Juan Pablo and Nikki. ABC’s marketing strategy screams that Chris is not Juan Pablo. The marketing posters have advertised hometown boy Chris as All-American, classic, and traditional. The promotional ads and previous Bachelor contestants have been very outspoken about how much they love Chris and hope he finds the love of his life after not being picked by Andi.

Will the strategy work and will viewers return to the Bachelor? We shall see this week!


By: Tanya Martell (@Tssper)