Wendy Feldman- Teresa’s Children Will Need To Know She Is Okay


Wendy Feldman, Teresa Giudice’s former crisis manager, has written an extensive blog about what Teresa can expect upon going to jail and what some of the myths are about her being in jail. In the blog, Wendy addressed Teresa’s children visiting her. What did she say?

Wendy wrote, “Also, the visiting. It is not a scary place for children. We discussed this. Her children will be able to sit on her lap and it is important. They will want to see whom she is there with. What are the other women like? I asked my daughter last night if she would do it over again would she visit- her answer- ‘in a second, those were awful times, yet special and I felt so much better knowing you were safe.’ But I had told my children the truth.”

We think this is good, sound advice.

Make sure to read Wendy’s blog here.

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