A Fantasy League for… The Bachelor!

With the new season of The Bachelor, and the end of fantasy football, comes a totally different type of fantasy league… The Bachelor fantasy league.


About two years ago, after I posted a Facebook status about the Bachelor, my friend approached me asking if I wanted to join a league. I, of course, love a little friendly competition after participating in several fantasy football leagues myself.

The rules of our league are simple: make your picks on a Google document, avoid reading any magazines or spoiler alert site, tune in on Monday night and enjoy the show. If others in our league get the urge to cheat and read a few spoilers, there are questions that are impossible to gather based off any cheating method. Questions can range from how many times Chris will say a girl is beautiful to the first girl to to say she loves Chris.

Last season, first prize was $450, and the pool required only $10 to join. Weekly updates are sent out via Google Drive and the document locks at 7:45 pm. For this year, we have 68 people signed up to make their Bachelor predictions. I’m ready to watch these women throw themselves onto Chris while I study all of their behavior to predict the winners week by week.

Now, it’s time to begin making my predictions, tell my nail salon I do not want to read any trashy magazines during my pedicure, and gear up for my Bachelor fantasy league.  Just don’t expect predictions from me… I don’t want to ruin my chances in the league!

By: Tanya Martell (@Tssper)